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    Need price quote for some basic SEO help.
    Native English speakers preferred (no offense intended!)

    • Crawl site 'A' to extract URLS (or I can give you a list)
    • Need well thought out Title Tag (150-165 characters)
    • Need well thought out Description tag (1-2 sentences, 150-250 characters)
    • Need well thought our Keyword tag (not for SEO but to keep page authors on target)
    • Compile everything in Excel or MS Word (I'll have the webmaster implement)

    Approximately 30 pages will be assigned as a test, more later, if the site owner is pleased. Site addy delivered privately. Can pay via PayPal only.

    Any fast and good, WH SEO freelancers??? Please PM me ASAP with your interest, qualifications, price, and delivery time.