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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by darkeggx, Feb 14, 2012.

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    This questions is directed to SEO businesses who provide SEO services. With a lot of IMers being either white or black hat, what do you do when a site owner who's purely white hat wants you to do SEO services for him? For example he doesn't want any automated tools ran on his site, just wants manual, etc.? Do you do exactly what he wants? Or do they not really care? Or does it not really matter anyway? How does that work? Thanks.
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    I would personally recommend staying as white hat as possible if he specifically asks you to do so. You could really hurt your reputation, your company, and his business if you ended screwing something up. There is usually a reason behind why the company wants SEO done this way.
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    I'm with MeetTheVirus,

    When your customer ask for White Hat method you give them White Hat Method and nothing else. Website owners want White Hat because its an SEO method that don't usually get penalize by search engines. In addition, make sure that your SEO method has been tested and it has proven results before implementing it on your customers website. Just my $0.02.
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    I'd ask him more specific questions . . . because he's going to find out fast that the terms are pretty devoid of value. All manipulations of the SERPs via link building are considered tos violations to google. So questions start to arise that are more particular such as:

    Do you want nothing but unique content ? Yes
    Do you want to use automated tools ? No
    Do you want blogs and other web properties to drive to your site? Yes
    How do you want to get links on those sites? Er uh, i don't know
    How do you want to get those pages indexed? Ping them ? Use linklicious? Ping
    Ok so you want me to ping those by hand? Yes
    Do you want them also submitted via RSS feed? Yes
    And you want that done by hand? Yes

    In this example . . its all attempts at manipulating the SERPs. . whether or not you do it manual or automatic is irrelevant. Do you want me to hand enter the URL into Pingomatic? or can i use a quick script i built? In many ways there is no difference. .

    Get more specific with what he exactly wants. My guess is that he wants to do thing that are 'White Hat' cause he doesn't want to hurt his site in anyway . . . but at the end of the day . . . there is no white hat manipulations. Basically he probably just wants low risk building.. . and in doing so. . . he'll get low risk results. Take it easy on his site and get direct answers . . then do that work.
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    What the clients have ask should also be given to them.