White Options for online game site.

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    I've had this site running for 18 months, and I got link backs (crappy ones) and done all kinds a work. Nothing.

    It's not a blog, so fresh content is kinda mute. I have fresh content each day from recent matches, and occasionally news, but otherwise you aren't gonna see much there.

    Anyone got a moment if bored to take a look see? I only own one keyword, and that's my username here. Fun Fun..

    I run adsense (minimal) and a incentive based survey things (its invis to visitors). Incentive does well, but not enough really.

    I just don't see how most of those techiniques are gonna apply to a game site like this. The players want the info on the front page like it is, not a pretty girl on the homepage and no content. I'm kinda lost at ideas here.