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    My first niche went pretty well and I'm making around $10-$15 a day. So now I'm expanding to another niche. However, I can't buy the domain or hosting until the end of the month so I'm reverse engineering my sites off site seo. Tell me if this will work..

    Tier 1 backlinks:
    Blogger: I have created blogs targeting the keywords needed to rank in the search engine. I've also spun content for each blog and schedule future posts 3 times each day for a year.
    Once the site is online I will create a module and include an anchor text with the keywords I want to target.
    Wordpress: I'm going to use the same strategy above.
    I'm going to blast these blogs with fiverr gigs for blog comments and profiles, ect.

    Tier 2: This tier to is going to consist of yahoo answer best questions, Wiki answers, any other question site I can find, and Youtube videos.
    I'm going to blast these also with fiverr gigs. I might just purchase high authority pr backlinks for these.

    So what I'm thinking is that my tier 2 will provide a lot of link juice for my tier 1 backlinks. Once my website is online it will have a running start on the search engine and by pass all the lower quality results. Since it will get backlinks every day from my tier 1 blogs.
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    Forget spun content for longterm results
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    If cca. 100 links from those sites is enough to rank your site, then you've got a winner. If not, you will need to add other sources as well, otherwise your link profile won't look natural - consequently, your links will have less effect.

    Some other backlinking ideas: guest posts, forum signature links, other web 2.0 sites (like Squidoo), wiki sites, ...

    Good luck with your second niche site!