Which TLD domain Extension is Good for SEO

Always .com if you can.

The real answer is: whatever is most likely to get the click from your customer.
I usually choose .com .net .org in the same order if one is already taken. This is for US and worldwide targeting. If you want to target a specific country, I'd go with the country domain (and hosting).
Would like to know what kind of domains work well in terms of SEO

.com ? or .org or .net ?
Usually I (and most people I guess) try to get the .com first, if not available either .org or .net
Check the serps and you will see these 3 extensions are often the most common to rank, which tells you it is a safe bet to use either of them.
If you want to target any specific country you have to go for ctld
otherwise, you can choose any tld from .com, .org, .net
Honestly I don't think it matters (unless you're trying to rank in a certain country, then go with the cTLD). I've ranked .com's, .org's and even .clinic's to #1.. so I think TLD's aren't as important as they once were maybe a few years ago.
The TLD doesn't impact your rankings AT ALL, people saying that .com is the best have no idea of what they are talking about
.com is the mot used LTD. But if you are targeting a specific country you should try and register the domain you want with the cLTD.
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