Which Software can create these backlinks ?


May 20, 2015
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Hello , I am looking for software that can create these these type of backlinks. please have a look on below screenshots.


All backlinks are forum postings, ad postings and following same pattern so I am preety sure these backlinks are made by some software. Please tell me which software is used to create these baclinks. Thank You.

i'm not sure tho
google bout scapebox

I have scrapebox and I have used it many times but I dont think so that its possible with scrapebox as scrapebox don't have feature to create profiles.
google will give you penalty tho
so your site will be unindexed
there are many ways your can promote your site
like fb or IG ads. Dont use pop up as it annoys people a lot.
people also will think negative bout your site
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I can say with confidence those were not created with scrapebox. GSA SER and XRumer both create those types of links as well as other programs.
How to create these type of links with GSA , gsa makes forum profile bio links. I dont know how to create these links with gsa (these includes first registration and then post new ad or forum post).
Of course GSA registers new accounts, fills out their profile, later posts on them, etc. etc.
That's standard operation in the Web2.0 category, or forum or social bookmark, doesn't even need any additional plugin.
Looks like you have a bit of reading on the GSA support forum ahead of you.
GSA SER can do this. It can register on forums and post in threads. There is a setting in the project setup area that defaults to unchecked. I believe it is "SER makes the following link types:" or something (don't have it open on this pc right now). You want to tick the box that says "forum post" and it will post like that in threads.

I don't own Xrumer but I think Xrumer might be the best for forum postings. I've read stories over the years of Xrumer users being hired to populate new forums with content. SER can create the links you've posted though, along with many other types of links.
I dont have enough knowledge about gsa ser. Please tell me any website or link which guide me to create these type of links.
Check out these some more screenshots for reference:


Please confirm If these links are made with GSA Ser, then I will buy it.
you need to direct your questions to the owners of GSA or the internet marketer who runs the money site. How should anybody else here be able to "confirm" they were made with GSA?
And more particularly, why should anyone here do it?
Multiple members have told you that yes, it is possible. What else do you want from users?
I find this honestly a bit arrogant
From my knowledge manual method is always the best for maintaining backlinks.
https://prnt.sc/kg21fr: It's ClassIpress Platform in RankerX
https://prnt.sc/kg219a : don't know, it's seem Forum posting from Vanilla Platform or from GSA software
https://prnt.sc/kg210n : Forum MyBB in RankerX
Rankerx only create forum profiles not forum posts. Correct me if I am wrong.
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