Which proxy company on here the best and what next?

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    I apoligize if some of these questions have already been asked, i am def a NOOB and all of this is very confusing for me, After going through all the posts here and help from a few people i realized that i need CLADgenius and private proxys, i am just trying to post on CL our company offers services nationwide and CL wont let me post, so i have CLADgenius now sop next stop im trying to figure out which ones to buy, thats all i will be using them for is CL, backpage etc. The main ones i have seen on here are

    The proxy collective- but isnt that just free proxys and i dont have any to give back?

    SEO proxies-
    Yourprivateproxy-(but these are not geo-located) does that work for Cl after reading all the posts ive been seeing that in order for it to work you must have a private proxy and pva account to match the area you are posting in???
    Packetflip- i contacted them and they said there proxys really arent for classifed ads.

    So my question is which one is the best one for my situation?

    Also, if anyone would like to add once i get the proxys what next, i seen the very helpful post that explains how to set up proxys in the web browser. Is that all i need to? Set them up in the browser and CLADgenius. Or do i need any other software? Again im sorrry if these questions have already been answered but i have searched and i am just not getting it/:help::help:
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    Without judging on "the best"

    proxycollective.com is a public proxy service, you can order (or trade) single proxies or get a flatrate but after all they are shared and public.
    You can't compare it to the others as they are offering private proxies.

    All services have their advantages and disadvantages. check the 4sale threads here, look for positive or negative feedback and check how well the customer support is.
    Get a cheap license at one of the services of your choice, give it a try and if you like it step up. If not choose another.