Which program is better for SEO?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Theodore, Mar 11, 2011.

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    Hey All,

    I have a question about which SEO program would be better to show me things I can do to my site for better SEO results.

    The 2 I have been trying is IBP (Internet Business Promoter) and SEO Powersuites - Website Auditor.

    Both of them give real good things to do but they give different things and I am not sure which one I should follow.

    For example, IBP says my site is 30% good to get top 10 rankings, but SEO Powersuite says I am at 60%, then when I do the changes IBP suggests, the SEO Powersuite goes down to like 42% and IBP goes up to like 78%.

    So which one would you trust more when doing what they suggest to get your site higher in the SERPS.
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    If you're talking about on-page SEO and you use wordpress, try SEOpresser.

    If you're talking about off-page seo with determining competitiveness for a keyword, then try SERPAttacks since it's free. I was using market samurai, but the cracked one seems to have stopped working for now. I may look at micro niche finderr late, but money is always an issue if you're a new IMer.
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    I would like to know this also. Just for regular html/css sites.