Which is the best way to increase traffic on websites ?

Well, read about on page and off page SEO.
I think the most important are right keywords and guest posting.
work from 1st step which is keyword research, if kw research is strong and you used low competitive kws in your articles then with little on pge seo and social media marketing you can easily get the initial traffic to your website easily., i have not said about offpage seo which comes if you are not getting traffic even after 2 to 3 months then you will start building backlinks to your main kws of your website on which you are already getting traffic
Create lots of high-quality content that answers any and all questions your audience may have. Include outbound links to sites with a high DA.
Apart from buying traffic, SEO or organic traffic has always been a good source of traffic in that aspect. Ranking highly for multiple keywords can contribute to traffic to your website, and if they are premium traffic (traffic from USA or Europe) , these command good PPC payouts as well.
But there is another source of traffic available as well - there are expired sites, or pending expiry sites that still command a fair amount of traffic. Buying the domain and 301 that to your main site can allow you to temporarily tap into that traffic source as well.
Article publishing and Guest posting is the best way that you can increase the traffic of your website.
it's depend which kind of traffic you want.

Social Media Marketing
Content Marketing

These are best to increase traffic
There are tonnes of methods and all are equally good. What matters more is which method you are most comfortable working with.
Which is the best way to increase traffic on websites ?

Good quality cheap traffic - SEO (time to result from 3 month)
Good quality expensive traffic - Adwords/Bing etc. (Immediately results)
Different quality (hard to clean bots from AD networks) huge volumes, cheap price - popunder/ppc/cpa (propeller/exoclick etc.)
The quality depends on the niche - this is Social Networks. One type of business can work fine only on Social traffic, but another can't generate much sales. Time for building good Social profile it's another question like you asked. How to do it?
The best answer is to rephrase the question to, what is the best plan to get traffic to a site? What are the best needs for the dite? One can talk about content, but if the site is primarily e-commerce or shop kind of site, where is there room for content? If you only concentrate on search engines for traffic, that could be construed as web spam by Google. A good mix of SEO, referral traffic and even offline promotion may be the best bet.
If your site is brand new then forget about google.
Go Buy some Hq guest posts for traffic or buy some shoutout.
Social Media is currently the best way to get traffic, you can try guest posting, content creation like PPT, PDF, Image and Video there are lot of sites available.
You must be focus on :
Get Social,
Pay Attention to On-Page SEO,
Target Long-Tail Keywords,
Start Guest Blogging,
Get Active on Social Media
If you're okay with spending some money Google and Bing give you credit towards your account after you spend a certain amount. Pretty good for some traffic but it will be up to you to keep them on your site.
SEO is the best way to enhance the traffic on the website. On the other hand, social media posting also play a vital role in the website promotion.
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