Which is better seo wise? Setting URL parameter options in webmasters tools

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    With respect to all fellow blackhatters..

    Can anyone lighten me up with this..
    I am using affiliate marketing for a website.
    There are users who very often link to the site using their referral links.

    For example. If the website url is http://example.com
    Users referral link can be http://example.com/?ref=123
    All pages with parameter "ref" in url presents same content, same page.

    Now, while looking at webmasters tools, I noticed Google found hundreds of backlinks pointing towards urls containing parameter "ref" with different value.

    To clarify..
    Google found 1000 backlinks pointing to http://example.com
    200 backlinks pointing to http://example.com/?ref=123
    100 backlinks pointing to http://example.com/?ref=1234
    50 backlinks pointing to http://example.com/?ref=12345

    Now, inside Google webmasters tools, should I say "this parameter doesnt change content" to let Google know these urls are actually the same page?
    Or Does Google attribute total seo value to the basic url (http://example.com)
    Or SEO juice is split among those hundreds of urls with different values for the parameter?

    Hope i could make myself clear..

    Best regards.
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