Which Hosting for 100 Authority sites?

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    Need some guidance from bhw members.

    I would like to setup 100 authority niche sites, I have chosen the niche, topic and the domain too.

    But now, i am stuck up with hosting.

    Should I go with one hosting company (vps) and host all the sites (i plan to move the best ones to new account after some time) or should i go for 100 different hosting/ip accounts?

    These sites will not be interlinked. The purpose of these sites are to earn from adsense and affiliate networks through organic traffic. I will be adding upto 100 articles to these sites.

    Also do you have any advice to manage 100 wordpress sites easily, i know tools like managewp, infinitewp etc.

    Thanks in advance, Please give me any advice which will point me to success, Investing so much, this must not fail.