Which Google Keyword tool to use?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by mreza001, Sep 8, 2010.

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    So between the new beta version and the old Google Adwords Keyword tool i'm seeing a huge difference in the seach volumes for keywords (exact match). For instance for one 4 word keyword the old version shows 12000 seaches last month,but beta version only shows 5400. For a 2 word keyword old one shows 350000 while beta shows 23000 for last month? I also checked other keywords and beta always showed a much lower figure every time.

    So why the big difference between the 2 tools and which one is more reliable as far as search volumes goes. I was logged out both times when searching between the tools and both set to exact match.
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    The google keyword tool is wack just get the market samurai or keyword elite. One of the biggest problems with the google keyword tool is that they don't show you a lot of keywords. If you try the suggestion box and the keyword tool you will find out that there are many keywords that they are not showing on the keyword tool.
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    I think the use of Google Keyword Tool is still valid. I choose to go for the Beta instead of the old version.
    When finding in Google conflicting results, I always go for the smallest search volume. As Google refines its algorithms,
    I'm positive that the results brought are more accurate than the ones we've been getting in the last few years(?).

    After this preliminary search, we can expand the results with market samurai and keyword elite.
    By the way, the keyword tool shared here in the forum (KSS Keyword Suggestion Scraper) is very interesting for more ideas.

    But it's really about scraping new keyword variations, not search volume. Still worth it to use it.

    DISCLAIMER: I'm not promoting this tool, the creator or anything related to it.
    Please, use at your own risk. Thanks.:)
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    FYI market samurai gets all the search data from google keyword tools.
    But I'm not sure if market samurai is getting the data from the newer version of the keyword tool or the older one.