Which cracked antivirus is working for Window Server?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by william199, Jan 14, 2012.

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    I got a Window server 2003 and used it to run some websites. Now I also want to run SB but I am afraid of virus and trojan infection.
    I don't have budget for the legit server antivirus version. Not sure you guys can share a working crack antivirus for server? Really appreciate.
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    A lot of people swear by clamwin. It's free so just google it to find their website.
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    I don't think clamwin is good to protect your vps if you are running SB. You need a on-time protection.
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    zeta reticuli
    Install a virtual machine in your host server. Run your SB inside VM. Even if your VM gets infected, you host machine will be safe. Also filter you list using SB malware and phishing filter.
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    Well to be honest, i don't trust any paid antivirus neither a free one.

    If you want to be safe here is how to proceed and why :

    - Get a free antivirus like AVG (works fine for live web protection)
    - Get malwarebyte anti malware (free edition)
    - Get Housecall from Trend
    - Get RUbotted (for rootkit)
    - Get SuperAntiSpyware (good to remove tracking cookies)

    (All Freeware or available in free edition)
    Why do i use all this ?

    For the simple reason that the virus attacks and the antivirus defend.

    What does it mean ?

    It means that the antivirus is late by definition, as once your antivirus is updating to refresh its database to add new viruses, you have to know that these aren't fresh virus from the day before, but some that they have identified and solved the day before, but the virus could be out there for months and you may have caught it since the beginning.

    SO basically, it is recommanded to scan your computer regurarly (i do it once a week) with several tools which belongs to different antivirus companies.

    Most of all, people think they are protected once they paid for an antivirus which doesn't trigger any alarm - Well, here i would be worried : it is not because your antivirus says nothing that you are clean

    So basically, investing in an antivirus is not necessary, but being careful when you use your computer with some free efficient tools will help you to remain the cleaner you can.