Where to submit articles for backlinks?

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    It seems like in 2011 ezine articles added a nofollow so it makes all our backlinks from ezine useless.

    where can we submit our quality articles for backlinks, now?
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    Ezine Articles

    The biggest and still the best. With quite a high page rank of 6, Ezine Articles is still very popular, and it's a good idea to carefully read all their rules and guidelines for creating your account and submitting articles. Authors must be a real name and a real person, and if you try to just put in keywords of promote yourself, you will be kicked off.
    Articles Base

    Another very popular site, also with a page rank of 6, Articles Base is a little softer in their criteria. Your name doesn't have to be your real name either.
    Go Articles

    With a slightly lower page rank (3), Go Articles promotes themselves as The Web's Largest Free Content Article Directory. Again they are softer than Ezine Articles, but you still need to take care and adhere to their guidelines.
    Article Cube

    With a page rank of 4, Article Cube is a good option for submitting articles. They are an online article search engine and directory for both publishers and authors. Launched in October 2005, Article Cube is a provider of free niche content for webmasters, authors, ezine owners and internet entrepreneurs.
    Sooper Articles

    Sooper Articles, with a page rank of 4, is a free article directory where thousands of authors submit articles for free. Sooper Articles helps authors to grow their business, create free backlinks and get free traffic back to their websites. They let publishers find free articles to use in their websites, blogs and newsletters. You can join their author's community, submit articles and get unlimited exposure to your business and websites for free.
    Article Dashboard

    Article Dashboard is an online article directory for both publishers and authors. Formed in August of 2005, Article Dashboard strives to become a leader in the world of online publishing by providing syndication services to website owners, ezine publishers, and more. They are doing pretty well with a page rank of 5.
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    I appreciate that you helped him but it would be great if you helped him based on your personal experience rather than Googling and then pasting the content from a site. It makes no sense dude.. He could have also just Googled and got the answer that way but he wanted personalized answers from forum members. Hope you understand. Cheers.
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