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    Hello everyone,

    I am new to BHW as a member, but I have been lurking on this forum for at least two years.

    I am 21 years old and suspended from College due to poor grades. I will be going back to school in Fall 2016, so I have plenty of free time to learn. I want to learn. I want to improve myself. I am willing to work.

    I have a problem. I have been trying to make money online for about three years now. I cannot say I haven't had any luck, it's just that I was stupid enough to ignore those opportunities I had.

    Right now I am trying to build Instagram accounts but so far I haven't had any luck. I gain about 500 unique followers a week, which isn't even satisfactory. I am depressed. I am feeling very unsuccessful. When I find something that I can make money with, I work really eagerly but soon I realize that it isn't as easy as I thought it was (or maybe even close to impossible).

    I know one thing. I need to put in some value to get $ out. Ok.

    So far I have tried CPA, Mass Emailing and Instagram.

    I'm feeling lost.

    I don't know anything about coding. I would consider myself as the intermediate computer user.

    What should I do? My ideal goal is to make $100 a day. I know it's a lot, but at the same time it's not as many earn much more than $100...

    When I ask "What should I do", I don't mean to ask for your private method to make money.

    I just want to know what is a good area/industry to work in.

    I also want to hear a few pointers on HOW to LEARN this area/industry. Again, I am not looking for spoon-fed information. I just need someone to guide me into the right direction so that I can proceed and go further.

    Thanks for reading this boring thread.

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    First you have to understand why you have really suspended because if I read your quote I do not think you tell true there:


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    dont give up untill you reach your goal :)
    select any method from making money section and work on it untill it make you some money
    on the first for 6 months i didnt even make a single $ but after that i make some good money
    remember one thing dont be afaird to get failed ;) we learn from the mistakes bro
    wishing you best of luck
    sorry for my bad english :p
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    I agree with this 100%.

    I am by no means extremely successful, but after awhile I've managed to make a pretty small somewhat consistent income with IM.

    The best lesson I ever learned was off a post by one of the experienced guys like a year ago (I forget who :( ) basically stating that people who join IM because they think it will be an easy alternative to a regular job are doomed to fail. Yeah there are various gold mines and opportunities to scale methods for large profits however IM is NOT EASY. If you think that you can put in 1/4 of the work as a normal 40hr/wk job and be successful you are setting yourself up for failure. Eventually when you have developed your methods and built a consistent stream you may get to that relaxation point, but even then the most successful guys on this forum still bust their asses every day to stay on top of the market. This isn't meant to sound critical as I don't know your personal situation, this is just advice that genuinely helped me out.

    As far as actual gameplan advice goes, do multiple things at the same time. A lot of IM is waiting and patience, so when you are waiting around for a site to rank/accounts to gain traction/blasts to go out/etc work on other aspects of your business. For example while you wait for your IG accounts to gain followers work on how you plan to monetize your followers. Already got that down? Go through the forums here (hell even search for the term "method" in titles) and find other techniques to be trying at the same time.

    I'm sure the more experienced guys will have different/better advice but seriously like most things in life your results will more often than not directly relate to the amount of effort you put in.

    Hope some of that helps.