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Mar 23, 2009
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i ave studied PHP/MySQL from w3schools and PHP for dummies book and i note down lots of important functions which are used in PHP in a separate note,,,,,

i am having a website idea,,,,,, i want to code the website by my own, but don't know where to start ??,,,,,,

can u please give some advice,,,,,
You can check out this guy
He's got all basics of php covered with some good tutorials.
He also wonders of into the basics of creating a login etc etc.
Learned allot from that when i just started.

This guy also has some great stuff.
From java to c+ he explains it all.

This is a snippet library.
You can store snippets from any code language in here.
Just google php snippets and you'll find that the most ideas you got have already been coded by someone else.
You only need to "glue" them together.

You'll need an working environment some people use wamp etc.
I use Eclipse for php framework;
Because it's easy just install and create new project.
It also allows you to import other languages and create apps.

For starting a blog or website i'd advice to first check out some very small cms like these;
These so called Lite cms are like very simple wordpress.
You can mod them to your own needs and you can get a good look at how everything works before you create a monster.

All php functions can be found here;
And a php cheet sheet can be found here; (PDF ALERT)
Good Luck

thanks for the great info,,,

i think i got all what are all i need from you,,,,,

i am having a great idea, so i learned php and going to implement idea,,,,

i like the cheat sheet ,,

the only bad thing is i can't watch the video tutorials, since my internet speed is too low,,

If you can't see the video's check out some of these ebooks;
They got several on any language you want and there all free.

Also php coding forums could be of help.

i have tried some ebooks, but most of the ebooks deals with same concept,,,,, only some ebooks deals with real code example,,,
There are far too many ways to implement a website; and it depends heavily on traffic, servers, what the website is supposed to do, and more or less your general ideas on the implementation.

Why don't you tell us a bit more of what your site entails so we can provide more specific help (no need to give any biz specifics, just things like db usage, how often, cache usage, will it be running on a dedicated server, how much "stress" you expect it to be under, etc)?
my idea is a innovative idea,,,,,, here are some,,

my site deals with pictures uploads,,
i am going to buy a dedicated server,,
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