Where to start : No problem with budget.

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    Hi :)

    I would like to setup my own SEO campagne, something not very powerfull (it's not for google.com, competition is not so high, and i'm noob !), i'm looking for the best tools to start, i'm lost i read so much about it the past 3 days but i just don't know how to decide (but i will try demo anyway).
    I would like to say aswell i'm here to really learn, i'm not concern about the learning curse of the software, i have time, i just need the best.

    What i need :

    Tiers 1 can be manual is not a problem, so if the tool can do it aswell, it's just an advantage but is not so important.

    Tiers 3 and more : It's look like there is a planty of software, and anyway it's easily outsourcable.

    My main concern is about Tiers 2 and web 2.0 is the way to go right ? I want to do something very high quality with immaculates spinners (i'm on it...).
    So now i want something who can create mail for me, setup thousands of 2.0 easily with a lot of different platform. I want the best tool where i can schedule everything, and setup everything to pass human review. What is the best tool for this ?

    I was thinking about SENUKE XCR (tiers 1+2) to start with, but last thread show no interest on this software anymore (1 year ago it's was like the must have...) + GSA (tiers2).

    But there is Ultimate demon which have good review now, and i don't understand if this software compet with senuke or gsa ?

    The big advantage with Senuke XCR as a noob is the "strategy mapper" seems like you just can't miss something with it.
    After there is a loooooooooot of others small software but seems like its more for complete the other one right? (i have already scrapebox the musthave !) I think the main thing is between those 3. And the best is to choose 2 of them no? Which one will allow me to make the best 2.0, and again is not for google.com so i want something not US centred if possible (special caracter working, national blogging plateforme available etc..)

    I have no concern about the budget if it's the right software.

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