Where to Register Domain Name for PBN

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    I'm trying to set up a small PBN & would appreciate any advice on where to register domain names.
    I've managed to successfully register a few at NameCheap, domainmonster, namesilo, gandi, but now whenever i try & register a name i always get flagged for fraud. I use fake details when registering & my paypal for payment.

    Has anyone else had similar issues? Can you recommend anywhere that won't flag me as fraud?

    Yesterday i received this email from Domain:

    We experienced an issue processing your recent purchase and we require some further verification in order for us to set up the ___________ account. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but it is important to us that we protect our customers from the fraudulent use of personal information.

    Please send us a copy of a government issued photo identification card that matches the name on the credit card or PayPal account that you provided as your payment method.

    There are 3 easy ways to complete the verification process:

    -You can scan the information and email it to us at ___________

    -You can take a photo of the information with your mobile phone and email it to us at ___________

    -You can fax a copy of the information ___________

    Please be sure to include your name, domain name, and email address along with the requested information.

    For security reasons please do *not* include your full credit card number or an image of your credit card in your correspondence. We just need to review your government issued photo identification card at this time
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    I've never had that issue before but I don't do PayPal, sounds to me like the name match between your PayPal and the info you provide isn't matching and most likely they're worried about a potential chargeback/hacked PP. Just go buy a VCC somewhere, you can use the same card for a bunch of accounts, load it up and you can use any name you want with these and it match for their billing purposes. Most of these have nice long 6 year expirations now so you can just keep loading them or add a new card when its time to renew.
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    yup use a caed much easier