where to post thread?


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Sep 9, 2009
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Hey all. I'm looking to buy a CPA account with a particular network and wondering which section I should post the thread in where it wouldn't be against the forum rules?
There is strictly forbidden to talk about this kind of activity on this forum.

As written in terms (http://blackhatworld.com/terms.html)

3.3 Activity that involves Currency Trades or Exchanges (Example: Exchanging PayPal for eGold money), Buying/Selling CPA accounts, Buying/Selling Social Security Numbers or Identities, CPA offer filling circles, Paying to have CPA offers filled, Requesting fake review comments for other forums' BST sections, Digg / Stumble (or similar) requests and trades, Asking how to make $xxx/day, Any "fake" account for the purposes of defrauding a network or individual, Promoting other forums by any means including in your signature, Creating more than one account on BHW;

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