Where To Learn Latest Version Of Python ?


Sep 9, 2016
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Dear Programmers,

I have waited 12 months now for a Php 7 tutorial to come-out but no luck!!!
Now, I do not want to waste any more time. Hence, wish to move-on to learning Python instead so I can become a freelance programmer.

Q1. What are the best websites to learn the latest version of Python without needing to learn any previous version ? The tutorial must assume we 're complete beginners and not expect us to know any previous version.

Q2. Where did you learn Python ?

Q3. What have you built with Python so far ?
Sorry, but if you're changing your desired programming language just because you did not found a perfect complete beginner tutorial for the newest php version, you ain't be a good programmer.

What do you think how all the other people learned to code? There's not always the need for a super new and complete tutorial for anything. I'd even say that it's fucking easy nowadays to learn to code. If you got an internet connection and some time, you'll have your first small programms finished in a couple of days.

If you are looking for a good python tutorial now, you might wanna check out codecademy.com . They do have an interactive python course that teachs you everything fast and simple.
Almost 2-weak old thread, but I'll give you some important pieces of information.

A1: I know that most of the people here are hobbyist and not professional or computer scientist (or wanna be one), but let's face it, you can't just go and learn any programming language if you don't know the basics. I strongly advice you to firstly get an idea about the theory itself rather than a language. You should know what is happening behind the scene, in the memory, what terms like: iteration, recursion, branching, abstraction, Object Oriented Programming, etc... are. Personally, I've learnt C++ and C first (simultaneously) in order to understand the low-level stuffs, then I jumped into Python and then other languages as well. But I've done that through MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), a somewhat university-level courses, but believe me that will increase your productivity since you know what you are doing. Edx is the best platform to audit MOOCs (for free), and I can't think of a better alternative.
(Sorry for the TL;DR)

A2: I've learnt Python from a MOOC called "
Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python" it's from MIT, a challenging course but aimed for total beginners, it also teaches you some basic theory stuffs as well, defiantly highly recommended. I've also used the official docs a lot. it's important to read the docs for every lang you learn... EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Python docs is one the best out there.

A3: Python, unfortunately didn't interest me much. I had a better luck with Apple's twisted Objective-C and C# as well. So I can't give you an answer here :/

Sorry for not giving you any links, but I'm not allowed to do so till I have 15 posts or more.

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