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    although my account is fairly new I've been around this forums for quite a while now. I have learned a lot, but still want to start doing whatever I can to make some money online (I know it isn't a fast process).

    What I would like to know is how I should continue from what I have now? This is what I have access to:

    Adscendmedia Account
    YouTube Account Creator (Can make hundreds per day for comment rating etc, but have a couple manually made for uploading and other things)
    Tube Toolbox (full license)
    Tubenoia (comment rating)

    I noticed that a lot of people link their CPA offers in comments and rate it to the top getting more views. Do they simply hide the offer with a bitly link or do they have another page which redirects you to the offer?

    Would mass messaging, video sharing with Tube Toolbox be worth my time or would that just get the account banned quicker? Perhaps that would be a better way to spread the offer to a targeted audience.

    If anybody has some suggestions as to how I should start using these tools to my advantage I would really appreciate the advice. I doubt just putting a sharecash download link in one of my video descriptions will be very efficient.