Where should i host for my requirements?

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    Apr 19, 2017
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    Hi guys,

    I am trying to figure this out as i read through the forum (which i may have missed out if anyone already answered this ) on hostings - Couple of doubts i have

    1. Hosting Legally
    I am intending to target my website traffic to UK region which i am working the site from Asia. The content is 100% legit but will my hosting location affect Google search or incoming traffic to the site or is this purely affected by content and SEO?

    2. Prohibited Content - ( Porn/Gambling )
    Now, these 2 are definitely off the chart from my region. I read we should get offshore for these ( common sense since illegal in my region ) to Iceland or something which cost more. But i notice along the way is that they mention proxy? Do i need those and could someone shed a little light?

    Your comments are welcome and if needed to, please point me to places where i may get more information for clarity purposes. Appreciate all your efforts on the matter.