Where should i direct my traffic?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Physaux, Oct 8, 2009.

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    Hey guys, lets say i got a really great website that essentially brainwashes visitors, in a BH way, to click the main link in the middle. The visitors would really mainly be low level computer users who want to hack my website. Where should i redirect them, to make the most money?

    I was thinking of a few different affiliate websites and such, but i just can't think of a good target with this. Also i will redirect to a landing page that redirects to the target, so that it doesn't seem suspicious..

    So far i'm thinking an IQ test or SMS like website, but I thought before i would implement that, i would ask you guys!

    Any ideas? Thanks!
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    It depends if you're on dedicated or shared, I think.

    If you have a dedicated server: I might make an incentive site with a "h/4ck my server for a chance to win" The idea is to market word of mouth and referral. You'll buy from one of your affiliate CPA offers and present it to your traffic on your contest driven site for a particular product; could be any product.

    They'll tell their friends and you'll have residual income from returning traffic. Make a site that follows the old and designate a separate site for it. lol; and they'll eat it up too. If you put a comments section, the lamest will flame it up. I thought this up for you, and I've never done it, though I think maybe with your own twist, you will provide a need for people to prove themselves as a growing programmer while stuffing the site, monetizing with ads from affiliate networks and hosting your own community. Throw up a forum, create 100 users with unique names, dash a little and watch it grow. I hope this meets your expectations. What are your opinions on that? Think you can do it? I think it will work with any product! Some more than others.

    Edit: I probably wouldn't use this method with a shared account because they'll actually be attacking your server. lol I would be careful with this method. You could spin it however; you'd be changing the product and that's OK! Once you're set up, create another website like it with a different product. You could even turn it into a big trend, all linking together to win different stuff when it gets really huge. Regarding the contest, it doesn't matter who wins, as long as you hand out the incentive in the end.
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