Where is the thread (bot)?

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    You are talking about which Bot?
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    Would like to know this as well...
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    The Bot is Part of my Guide.. (Go To Step 3 for the Bot!!!)

    Hey People, i uploaded a Bot, a while Ago, but not many People replied to this.. so i tought i write a Tutorial..
    at the End of the Thread i posted my FacebookFanPageLink, where you can see my Results ;) Please share this Site if the Guide was Helpful for you. [/b]

    Step 1: Preparing the Twitter-Account.

    Go to Twitter.Com and register yourself a Account, upload a Picture and Gain Followers.

    How to Gain min. 10 Followers(you must have at least 10 Followers) in less than 1 Minute?

    Go to http://letgetmorefollowers.info/, Click on the Free-Package and Submit your Twitter Account Details, wait 1 Minute.

    Step 2: Prepare Your TrafficExchange-Account

    Go here and Register a Account..

    After you have done This, you should be on the Main-Page..
    On the left Side you see now Mini-Buttons (FB, TW, YT), i think i don't have to explain what they are for :)
    Click on the Twitter-Icon and add your TwitterDetails (Account with Picture and at Least 10 Followers).

    Step 3: The hardest Part XD XD

    Download the YouLikeHits-Bot :) (pw: blackhatworld)

    Open the Bot!
    Enter your YoulikeHits-Account-Details on the left side, and your Twitter Account Details at the right side.
    Click on Set, Click on Start, Gain Credits if it was nothing ;)

    Step 4: Boost, Boost, Boost.

    You can let the Bot run and lean back, or you gaining Credits manually at the Side.
    Go and Like some Facebookpages, Visit Websites, or Subscribe to some Youtube-Channels.
    When you new, then you see many many pages which pay you 9 Coins.

    When you liked 200 Pages or follow 200 People, you can claim Premium, and then your Sites are on the Top of the Site(if you spend 9Points per Like, but you don't need that..)

    Its enough when you spend 6 Coins for liking your page.. i have now 1000+ Likes on my Page :)

    Step 5: After 3 Days

    After you deleted your cookies, Start again at Step 1 :)

    If this was useful for you.. i would be happy if you would share some of the Pics on my Site
    Real_Facebookaccount, its with Funny MEME'S and Cute Pictures of Animals.. no hard Stuff, i think everybody find a Pic who makes him laugh :D


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