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    TLDR; New to IM, built amazon site, want to start giving it some backlinks, looking for solid resources.

    So I'm fairly new to IM and brand new when it comes to anything SEO related. I have built an amazon affiliates website, nothing I'm really attached to but I just wanted to try it out and see if I could get myself some traffic and possibly some sales. I consider it to be more of an education than an actual attempt at income.

    I've got the site built and have a decent amount of content on the site. Where I didn't plan ahead was doing any kind of keyword research when deciding on what content to put on the site. My goal is to learn the keyword research and go back and adjust for this.

    Anyway, now that the site is about a month old and content has been dripped on it over the course of a month I want to start learning the actual SEO parts. I've been reading up on web 2.0s but it's like a mine field out there when trying to find content that will actually teach you something and not just try and sell you some spammy service.

    I understand that 2.0s contain content and provide a link back to your main page, but do they always just contain 1 link or is it better to have a few links from that page to the main page? Also, for tier 2 links, I think I understand that pointing multiple tier 2 sites back to your 2.0 is the correct way to do things. Am I mistaken?

    Are there any good resources, preferably videos, that teach this kind of information? Also, am I heading in the right direction or do I really need to focus on keywords for my main page before I start spending time on content for 2.0s?
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    I'll send you my guide for free. email me at damon at stockbarometer dot com
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    I recommend you start with contacting the webmasters of relevant websites. Find websites in a similar niche, contact the webmaster with your private email (because public emails like gmail and yahoo look unprofessional), and either talk to them about their relevant content and give them a link to your website. If they like what they see, they should give you a do-follow inbound link. If they do not link back to you, then move on to the next webmaster.

    If you're not in a rush, you could always try gaining backlinks naturally (without asking for them). You can do this by focusing on other parts of SEO such as ranking for keywords in Google's SERPs. To sum this up, you basically:
    • Do keyword research with tools like the Google keyword Planner
    • Scope out your competition by analysing your competition with tools such as the Moz Toolbar and Majestic
    • Then you implement the keyword you are trying to rank for into your articles (keep the keyword density between 1-3%. You can use SEOCentro or the Yoast Wordpress plugin to check this).
    You just rinse and repeat that method with each article.

    After this, you can either wait to gain backlinks naturally or you can do the method I mentioned above. If you choose to contact webmasters, be sure to not tell them to use specific anchor text. You'll want your inbound links to be diverse in anchor text (click here, here, yourwebsitename, yourarticlename, www.yourwebsitename.com) as well as diverse in links (do-follow, no-follow, new websites, old websites) in order to avoid receiving a manual or algorithmic penalty from Google.
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    go to keyword tool and write blog posts on long tail keywords related to your keyword.
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    better said than done. :)