Where do you find business partners?

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    I quit botting.

    I tried for about 2 months botting for 6 different social network sites. But, I didn't get a lot of traffic or sales to my e commerce store. I would spend hours creating accounts and setting them up with the bot everyday. Some of my accounts got banned... I wouldn't mind creating new accounts, but my main account got a warning about my banning my site because they discovered my botting accounts. So botting is out. Same time last year, I was generating almost 2k in profits per week selling my merchandise through marketplace without doing ANYTHING for promotion. But for unknown reasons, my revenue dropped enormously and so has my traffic. So, I'm looking for business partners or affiliates (same thing in my book) who already have skills in promoting, or perhaps already have accounts on social media or blogs with high traffic. How do I find people who would basically be an affiliate for my business and get a big percentage per sale they bring?

    I searched into affiliate networks such as:

    Commission Soup
    Flex Offers
    Link Connector

    Some don't allow e commerce stores, some only allows ebooks or digital items, some only work with million dollar businesses, and then some ask 9k commitment just to join. I'm pretty bummed out searching. Tomorrow I'm going to call a few places to see if they accept small businesses. =/ ShareASell looked promising, but at the moment I couldn't justify a $650 sign up payment without knowing if it will be successful.

    If anyone has any advice, I would appreciate it. I'm going outa my mind trying to find a network to work with where theres no huge upfront $$$.