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    Hey guys,

    I have a question I am hoping you can answer later on in this post. Hopefully someone will bare with me and help me out.

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am an offshore oddsmaker and worked in the online sports gambling industry for seven years. Our shop was shut down earlier this year and I have come time to move on and begin a new project. Every dollar I made has come from the sports betting industry and I plan to stick inside it and use my knowledge to create something to keep me going.

    Since this industry based solely on information that is in demand every single day and is such a socially based industry, my obvious move was social media websites driving traffic to a website and converting to sales. I have spent the last month reading up on everything there is to know about twitter and facebook and believe I have that down pat.

    So phase one of the idea is complete.

    Here is where my quesiton begins.

    I know alot of you out there have been doing the same thing I plan to do with all sorts of insutries on the internet. My question for you is, was this enough for you or did you expand to other mediums? Did you have the other mediums in play at the beginning of your project or did they come into play later?

    When I say other mediums, I am talking about this whole world of google rankings, adwords, keywords and back links.

    Am I foolish not to be educated on everything else outside of social networking before I start? Were all of you fully aware of everything else out there before you begun or did you start with one medium and learn as you went?

    Is it possible to be successful using just one medium or does your success increase as you apply more?

    Id like to hear other peoples stories or advice before I get started. I am a firm believer of letting the content and work and in my industry results, speak for themselves. I think with the right social networking strategy my traffic concerns should be met, but is it highly beneficial to be knowledgable in the other "world" as I mentioned that is google, keywords and backlinking. I just can't seem to get my head wrapped around all of those but I have social networking down pat.

    Sorry for the ramble, im boiling over with excitment and eager to hear your thoughts.