Where can I upload videos for streaming?

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    Dec 29, 2013
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    I'm looking for a third party site to upload videos that I will stream on my site. I have a streaming site now but it relies on another website's uploaded videos. I want to have a self-sufficient site in case any videos go down in the future again so I don't have to wait on other sites for content. I can't figure out where they've uploaded their videos to. After decoding their video urls, it looks like they're hosting them on Google Video or something. I've seen other urls with Facebook in them, but have no idea how to upload my videos to Google/Facebook then embed them on my website. Videos are about 20 minutes long each. I would do Youtube, but I'd get flagged for copyright infringement pretty quickly. Asking you guys if you know of any third party network I can host videos on (don't want to host on my own site).