Where can I find WORKING proxy lists?


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Oct 19, 2017
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Hi all,

I'm using Multiloginapp for some time now, however 90% of my work is having to swap out proxies that stop working and find another that just works. Most proxies I use don't even last 24 hours and I've tried numerous websites.

I've even gone ahead and paid for proxies and yet they still die out just as fast as the free ones. It's incredibly annoying. Does anyone have any decent websites I could check out to hopefully find some actual functioning proxies that would last much longer? I'm using them for Reddit post manipulation and don't want to run the risk of using just one IP address.

if you have ScrapeBox, you can scrape quality proxies with it.
I recommend stormproxies (I'm using it for reddit too)
You were using free public proxies, no wonder that they went down frequently. If you paid for the other ones you complain about and they still went down, those were public proxies too. It's just that someone scrapes them instead of you, but they will go down just as frequently as if you were using proxies scraped by you or you were using an up-to-date list of one of the sites, which provides that for free. What you need is shared or dedicated private proxies, otherwise you'll need to keep switching them out. Look around in the Proxies for Sale section what Zwielicht linked above and look for providers who provide proxies for Reddit, if it's not stated then ask.
As Multiloginapp suggest - use Luminati, res IP's and auto rotation FTW -> I never got blocked from Reddit.
Wow, thank you so much for the help guys. This was major useful!

Thanks again guys!
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