Where Can I find MyLikes Script Wordpress Affiliate Type Plugin

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    I hope that I'm posting in the right area, so I apologize if I'm not.

    I run a Wordpress news magazine that pays my authors based on ad revenue that their articles bring in. The way I track this is through a plugin that ties to my Authors' accounts and is linked to Google Adsense and analytics. It does a pretty great job of tracking the views, which is what I pay them for, and not clicks on ads.

    However, I have come across one individual in particular, which has lead to a partnership where I'm going to pay him to refer traffic to my site. He's not going to write articles for me, but using the same setup as my Authors, I was going to give him an Author profile and write some articles for him and then post those articles under his name which will be some type of Pseudonym or something like that. He would only promote those articles, for which we can then track and know how much he should get paid.

    My dilemma is this:

    I want him to have the ability to promote any article, kind of like what Mylikes does. With the ability to track the stats as well. I mean, technically we can do that still but there will be a lot of extra tracking codes and reports that I would have to dig through to see where traffic is coming from, but I was wondering if there was some type of affiliate plugin for WordPress that would do all of this just like Mylikes tracking system.

    I found a couple of Affiliate plugins that track clicks for each affiliate and I can pay affiliate like .004 per click or something like that, but the clicks would only go to a product page of some kind which is not what I'm, looking for since I'm not selling a product. I just want the traffic to spread out among all of my blog posts.

    So long story short, I'm looking to turn my site into a Mylikes, but without the crappy content, and need a way to track affiliates plugging my blog's posts.

    If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd be eternally grateful. It would make things easier for me to track things and keep things streamlined.

    I've looked everywhere, and just thought that maybe someone here may have heard of something that I might have missed.