WHere can I buy bullet proof server for spamming


Apr 2, 2014
My friend want to spam a lot of people.

Where can I buy bullet proof server for spamming in Rusia.
Also I am not asking for web hosting. I am asking for spam server. Server we uses to spam.

Sorry if that wasn't clear. If you want webhosting that can host site you use to spam, that's easy. Just jump from one account to another. Many webhosting do not care you promote them via spam.
If you 're looking for doing link spam (not mail), Ecatel is a good choice.
Mail. I am looking for good old mail spam. I used to be a spammer. Now I want to teach others to spam. I have other biz going on. It's been a while since I am in industry. Linkspam is like xrumer right?
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