When to use anchor text.

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by webmaster-bluefish, Nov 5, 2011.

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    Mar 11, 2011
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    I have found some really juicy (but mainly nofollow) high pr blog pages to comment on.
    I am worried about not having comments approved especially where I find pages that do not have other comments with anchor text in the 'name' field.
    I usually put a normal name like alan or steve. Some of the pages were on .edu blogs.

    Does this benefit my seo campaign in any way?
    Do I get any serps boost?

    I am in need of better understanding.
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    While having links from High PR pages will help the PR of your pages it will only indirectly help you when trying to rank for a particular keyword. Nothing wrong with getting them but do not expect much in the way of rankings help so I would not spend a lot of time on them.

    Getting high PR links is always a good thing but you need that anchor text for a direct serps boost. Something that may help is if you can somehow work in a partial or related keyword into the name instead of using "steve" I have not tested it myself but I have had people tell me it does help a lot more than a generic name. I personally do it when possible but like I said I have never really tested it so whether or not it is effective I can not really say. If you are going to go after those links anyway you can really not be any worse off though so probably worth trying.
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    As volund mentioned the combination of both will do wonders for you.

    I do value the high PR a bit more than he does, but when you combine it with anchor text, it's your best bet. Keep in mind that you need to vary your anchor text, it looks more natural.
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    See, there is no anchor text in your comment neither any hyperlink pointing to your website... So, it won't help you in your SEO campaign.

    And, as far I know... every comment system allows you to add your website address while you are posting your comment.

    And, if the comment system of the blog is not allowing any URLs and is nofollow... hunt for other blogs.