When someone asks for a quote - quote them.

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    May 9, 2011
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    When someone asks for a price on a service or item in a thread, the respondents should quote the price in their posts. Especially if the poster did not specify a PM.

    To make a simple purchase takes a 3 posts, 2 PMs and then a skype chat?

    For $20? It just seems like the loss in time on both sides is 10x the extra money saved or made through the negotiation of the last few pennies.

    Furthermore, maybe others are interested, or will be lured by price.

    When someone asks you for a price, and you don't quote it - think of it as someone wanting to give you money and you not taking it.

    When someone asks you for a price, that is an opportunity. When you don't answer accordingly you squander it.