When should we change the offer

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    Hi guys!

    I just want to know how many clicks we can be estimated that we should find a new offer to change or replace the current offer .
    For example. If I already sent 1000 clicks to one offer ,but it got only 10 conversions should I keep sending the traffic to that offer or I need to change to a new offer?.

    I need some suggestions from you guys .thanks in advance!
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    A conversion rate of 0.01 is very low and I would say that you should probably replace the offer. But it all depends on how much each conversion is worth and how much you are paying in terms of PPC.

    Obviously the bigger the set of the data the more accurate the data is going to be. With a 100 clicks you may have some huge discrepancies, a good run could massively skew your data. After a few hundred clicks it should even out some more, I would personally say that around 500 clicks would be a pretty decent data set to draw conclusions from.
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    This probably isn't something someone will be able to answer for you very accurately. Your conversion rate could be low or it could be high but we won't know because we don't know what you are selling. For example if you only had a 1% conversion rate and you were selling inexpensive consumer electronics, I would say you are doing horrible. On the other hand if you are selling something that has a long sales cycle and requires a lot of education to purchase, I would say you are doing pretty well.

    Regardless of whether you are doing well or not, your decision to change things up may also be influenced by your budget as well as the value of the campaign to the business. For instance if this is one of the only campaigns of any kind that you have running and you have a tight budget, (and the conversion rate is not ideal for your industry and product), then you should change things quickly (maybe after a weeks worth of data). Conversely, if you are just testing things and this isn't a core focus of your business then maybe it doesn't matter if you let it sit for a while longer to see if things turn around.

    Heres what you should do,
    Figure out what an acceptable conversion rate is for your business/industry/product or service.
    Assess how valuable this campaign is to your business and whether or not you can afford to gather more data.

    Then make your decision.


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    You should be using a url rotator to find out with better accuracy. There are too many variables to just jump from offer to offer. Time, day of the week, ad placement, all this is very dynamic.

    If an offer isnt converting well for you, its mostly due to traffic. There usually isn't a large discrepancy between offers, all niche relevant of course. Find a high performing audience, then work on getting it cheaper. Thats numbers one and two in my book. All the while rotating offers. Thats why its important to rotate concisely and track everything.