When CPA will pay me?

Discussion in 'CPA' started by seoblack, Oct 3, 2011.

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    I am looking for offers only require submission of address or email. The iPhone 4 offer at Maxbounty claims only email address needed, after you enter your email address, then click the continue button to go to next screen.

    But in the fine prints, it states that to get this gift you must complete the survey and at least 3 silver, 3 gold and 8 platinum Sponsor offers... etc.

    My questions is will I get paid when a participant click the continue button after entering the email address or I get paid only after the participant complete the survey and all Sponsor offers?

    I am new to CPA, so my question may sound stupid.

    Really appreciate your help.
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    You will get paid when people enter their email address and click continue, not when people do the surveys afterwards and such.

    However, the advertisers make money from people going past just entering their email and doing surveys and stuff, so if none of your people do that, or very few, you will start getting shaved (i.e, you will not get paid when people enter their email every time, it might be every 5 times or so now, depened). Advertiser have to do this to break even on your traffic. If your traffic does not convert for them, they will take you off of the offer.

    However the flipside is also possible, i.e if all your people go past the front page, and continue doing surveys, the advertiser will very much enjoy your traffic and will pay you each time someone enters their email.
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    If you look at the par value of the offer, you should get paid for that email address entered as it is an "email submit", but since it has to convert for the advertiser too, you may have to insist your users to complete a survey.

    Usually this is where scrubbing occurs. When too many people just submit an email and never complete a survey, and the advertiser doesn't get paid for any surveys done, and as a result he/she may start scrubbing some of those blank email submits and balance the number between the completed surveys vs plain entered emails.

    Since you're new to CPA, I'd suggest you to take an opportunity to read through the CPA section in this forum.

    Thanks me later
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