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    Hey, just made a new Facebook to spy on this guys campaign. He's making a lot of money, he gave me some details such as what offer, what country, who he's targeting, reach and even the header of his ad so i'll know what to look out for... So I thought it would be smart to make a Facebook account based on who he's targeting so I can see his ad, maybe it'll work since it's a general ad and millions of people are seeing it. It seems like a good way to spy on your competitors' ads and see what is getting clicks. But... When do I start seeing ads? My Facebook is brand new, no friends, but I've put in obviously that i'm "single" and looking for women. what do I have to do next to start showing ads?

    BQ: What do you think of this trick, worth the time?

    forgive me for the title, I must have deleted the other half can't change it now.