What's Your Setup?

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    May 24, 2011
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    Hey BHW!

    I am looking at buying some new gear for my IM'ing. So I wanted to know what others setups are and how you use them. (I'm not looking for your secrets, I just wanted to know what gets you into your IM mode.)

    Basically, I was thinking about setting up an IM cave in my home (basement cold storage room) where it's all motivation and quiet where I can just get stuff done without any distractions. I currently work in an office with other people there (I'm also a Realtor) and it gets quite annoying sometimes. I need to get where it's quite so I can't be bothered by others when I'm in the zone.

    Also, what about your system specs and programs you run?

    I currently have 2.5 computers:

    Acer Laptop with i5 Processor and 4GB of ram. ($700)
    Asus Desktop with i5 Processor and 8GB ram ($560) with a 24' $(150) montior.
    VPS through XSS servers for 24/7 blackhat spammin.


    Get Article Pro
    SEO Power Suite
    Market Samurai
    Traffic Travis
    Screaming Frog SEO Spider

    Total Websites:

    One Money Site
    30 or so Wordpress Blogs

    Real Estate/Lead Generation

    My daily routine:

    I always start the day by checking programs and setting them up to run for the day. I then start writing content. I write all my own content so this is the majority of my day either writing or spinning. I can usually write 5-7 really good articles and spin them well enough to pass Copyscape, yet be readable by a human. Once content is done for the day (enough to post on at least 4 web properties and enough to be spun for my tools) I then move onto keyword mining. I like to check keywords everyday and check out my competition. I have a major competitor I have to deal with who is very good at SEO. He is always changing his name online so I have to be on my toes or he can sneak up on me and take a #1 spot!

    Throughout the day I am always checking on my leads and making sure the Realtors I refer them to are following up correctly. I make sure all my personal leads are emailed and I am up to date on my phone calls.

    This is what I do but I can always improve and there are always ways to make life easier. I need to get into social media more, I haven't really figured out what to do on that aspect. Any tips for that would be much appreciate. If you read all this, thanks and I hope it helps you in someway!
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    Custom built desktop which is about to get relocated to MediaPC since it doesnt get used.
    Mac Pro 15" i7 quad core 8GB + 22" monitor. Really hate Apple, but needed it due to future plans to write Mac apps. Also runs Win7 VM's for various automated tasks...

    My routine: C#, MYSQL, C#, C#, bug testing, C#, MYSQL, PHP

    Gotta love development

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    Dec 27, 2010
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    Windows 7, quad core processor, 4gb ram, custom desktop w/ 23" Asus. That's what I have in my office, my home computer just took a shit. Need a cheap desktop replacement for home.