What's your home theater/man cave setup like?

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    I've been curious as to who enjoys high quality media enough to have high quality components, so here we are. What is your setup in your home theater room or your man cave? Speakers, displays, amps, subs; all that jazz. Pictures are a +

    Receiver: Denon 1910
    Speakers: (Stereo) Focal 627v. I've been considering to sell these and buy a 7 channel HB/HC setup from Hsu. The response looks fantastic and so do the speakers
    Subwoofer: Hsu VTF-15H. Overkill? Probably. I like dusting with low frequency though. :cool: If I ever start growing gold, it'll definitely be replaced by custom 4 dual 18" with dedicated amps or a rotary.
    TV: LG LD520 55" IPS which is currently on loan to family because of their broken TV. Probably going to upgrade to a 100-140" projection setup in the near future.
    Input source: No SACD players or vinyl. I stick to CD losless, 24/96 or 24/192 using foobar.
    EQ: Also nothing currently. Going to pick up a MiniDSP when I have time to sit down for a day and fix it all. Maybe also pick up an SVS-EQ1 if it can be found for a reasonable price.

    Pictures to come. Your turn.
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    A Pc with headset and a internet connection all i need to rock the world
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    Well i definitly like high quality sound, and i used to grab great opportunities a few years back from a seller from an "antique" store which was knowing nothing about what he was selling.

    HE told me once that 100 Watts is better than 100 Watts RMS, i just nodded and agreed with him and literally steal him what he got :p. An example 2 bose Speakers from kate 80's ($50) while he was selling old Eltax crappy ones ($150) ;). I made a killing on Ebay thanks to him lol

    Over the year, Dog + cat + my dodgy set up combined have made lots of damages to my sound system :/ which i need to renew. I used to bridge speakers with differen impedancies which didn't work out much at the end.

    Amplificater : Sony 5*100 Watt
    Speakers : 2 Massive Dual Column 2*300 Watts (broken dog + cat made them fall too often)
    1 Recent Speaker Bose used as Center one (100 watts so tiny and so powerful)
    2 KEF C Series 100 watts (the most amazing speakers i have ever tried) --> 1 broken
    2 Wafferdale 100 watts (really closed to perfection, product of the year 1984) --> broken
    1 Yamaha 100 watts Sub (cheap quality but enough)

    I used tohave a Rotten ampli with the wafferdale but it got broken because of a storm :/.

    Anyhow, i share your passion.

    Otherwise here is my desk :


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