what's wrong with my membership site?

Discussion in 'Membership Sites' started by mrblackhat, May 7, 2010.

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    I got my membership site up. I used the google adwords promo code to promote it and have over 100 clicks but no sales. I'm using paydotcom to sell it. It's at
    care to take a look and tell me what's wrong with it? Thanks.
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    Privacy policy, about us/FAQ, these pages may help a little bit. Also, the video is really good! Did you make it? But, the audio of the sales pitch sounds kinda shitty, maybe try to rerecord a better quality or pay to get it mastered & cleaned up.

    Just a few thoughts...

    good luck
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    I agree with the Privacy Policy, About Us, and the video is good, but the audio needs to be redone. Also you may want to put in a Terms of Use page.

    Also, your sales copy is wordy, needs to be cut down a bit, and you may want to try and offer a meal plan with the workout. Along with that, who is Liam Elliot and what are his qualifications to make this offer? Let people know who they are buying from...

    To help get more people in the door, you might try offering like 1 week of the plan for free if they just submit their email address. That way they get to see what you are offering, and you get to build a list that you can continue to grow and market too.

    Hope that helps...
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    What do you estimate the average lifetime value of a paying customer to be? Somewhere in the $15-$50 range I would guess. (x% cancel after first payment, y% after 2nd month, etc.)

    You will have to spend at least that much Per Keyword to determine if it is profitable search term.
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    Sorry dude nothing personal but your copy sucks. You need to better understand the market you are selling to.

    Try an attention getting headline that draws in the reader. big bold and red - subheads bright blue. I have no idea why but always seem to work better for me, and clients.

    Break up the copy for easier reading. Need a better close, easier and better way for people to easily understand what they are getting. Try rewriting it or getting a pro copywriter to write for you. If you paid someone to write this for you - fire them!
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    Liam, whilst its good to get anything started rather than wait until its perfect l do have some constructive comments for you.

    I visited your website and its easy to explain why you do not have any conversions as to date, Like some of the other comments the sales copy needs to be vastly improved but you have a bigger problem in that your website confuses people and you should be using a squeeze page with a better video than the one you produced with a SINGLE call to action, thats get their name and address before you do anything else.

    You should always be be building your list from day one, at least then you can keep sending them emails as you improve your product or other offers.

    To make your squeeze page really work you need to give them something of real value, it could be a teaser/taster of whats to come with a promise of two or three follow up videos or pfds.

    The reason you need to use a squeeze page is that you only have a few seconds to get and keep their attention and your page needs to pop up in the fold of the screen so that they dont have to scroll down to read it.

    Oviously there is lots more to discuss like tracking etc but dont waste anymore money on adwords until you get the squeezepage in place, then test it.
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    I am in the weight loss niche, and basically you have 2 types of clients, those that want to lose 10-15lbs in a week (usually young women) and those that have been there, done that and realise that they need a lifestyle change. (Usually both men and women who are probably over 40, or certainly over 30).

    Each group has to be marketed to very differently, you basically are unlikely to please both groups with one website, so chose which group you will market to first.

    I don't think it matters too much which group you choose, but if you are aiming at a sub niche of the weight loss industry your job to write good copy will become easier.

    As you are a membership site, look at other diet membership sites out there and try to do what they are doing copy wise.

    Obviously the big boys include ediets.com and annecollins.com, you might get some ideas of seeing how they market to their customers.

    Personally, if I were you, I would offer your paid course for free in return for their email address of course. Send them their emails everyday through aweber or getresponse (I would do it properly even if you have to pay for a good autoresponder) and then just send affiliate offers to your list instead of trying to sell them your course.

    Remember each list member is supposed to be worth around $1 per month to you - if you are offering a good e course, you should be able to market to them easily once the course ha finished, and even before it has finished.

    Pay someone on here to make you a good squeeze page and Bob's yer uncle - far easier than rewriting copy again and again...testing, paying for adwords etc.
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