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What's up everybody?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Nirvanaman, Nov 17, 2015.

  1. Nirvanaman

    Nirvanaman Newbie

    Nov 15, 2015
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    Hey I'm new to BlackHatWorld and internet marketing but I have decided firmly this is what I am going to do to make money. I have worked a bunch of crappy jobs that I despised because I hate being told what to do. This is why IM appeals to me, I get to decide what I want to do, when I want to do it, and most importantly where I want to do it from. Like everything else there is a learning curve to becoming successful which applies to SEO, but I know that if I work hard at this day in and out, I will soon be living like a boss.

    I don't care how long it takes (hopefully sooner rather than later) because I see the doors that can be unlocked by learning IM. Financial freedom is what I'm striving for because I want to travel the world and do big things. IM makes it possible for me to do exactly that. I am excited to read through this forum and learn from the best SEOs out there and I have a few question I would like to ask anyone reading this post.

    First: How did you get started in SEO and how long before you started making money?
    If you had to start over, what would you do differently?
    What is the best long term strategy for making money online?
    And what threads/posts were the most helpful to you?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you answer any questions I will be very grateful because I need all the advice I can get :)
  2. amars

    amars Newbie

    Nov 11, 2015
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    Hello Nirvanaman! I'm new as well and would love to hear a couple answers to the same questions you pose. I share your mindset that things won't happen immediately, but I think with diligent research and consistent effort you will succeed :)
  3. blogzandstuff

    blogzandstuff Elite Member

    Jan 1, 2015
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    blog creator
    well first welcome aboard, you have the right attitude for a start. there is no quick route so knowing that from the start is important.
    You need a focus, don't jump from one money making scheme to another, concentrate on one blog / website and build it up.
    You'll learn a lot from many experts on BHW, facebook, instagram, pinterest etc are all covered on here.
    My best advice for anyone starting out is to know your market and research your niche
  4. Dvarmin

    Dvarmin Regular Member

    Dec 21, 2012
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    Welcome :)

    IM is all about trying out different things and learnings from your mistakes. Just keep this in mind and you'll achieve your goals really soon.

    1) Took me a month to see my first serious cash.
    2) I'd work more and waste less time.
    3) Selling services/products and marketing from authority sites.
    4) Journey threads.

    Hope this helps :)