What's the Usual rate for a SENUKE article

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    I'm being asked the following

    1. FIVE titles
    each title must contain the keyword
    spin each title

    2. Article description
    1-2 sentences that give a brief overview of what the article is about

    3. Author Bio (resource box)
    1-2 sentences about the education website
    (eg. Keep reading my website (link) to learn more about online education)

    4. About Me
    2-4 sentences about the author
    (eg. Thanks for reading my article about online education. I hope you have learned more about how education can change your life...)

    5. Article that is AT LEAST 500 words
    Keyword Article Writing Guidelines:
    For the article body, keyword should appear in the first sentence, and an additional 4-8 times throughout the body of the article
    Article body must be relevant to the keyword

    for $3 each,,,,,,,

    I'm thinking that it's a bit overkill