Whats the solution to tracking visitors here

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by Mr.BL, Dec 25, 2012.

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    The situation: each time someone opens Google chrome from a certain network of PCs the owner of that network makes money from me.
    The home page that's set for Google chrome is my page.

    There will be multiple networks with each owned by someone else.
    There will also be a time limit. Like only one home page display every 30 minutes counts.

    I also need to provide the network owners with information on how many times my page was displayed on their network.

    Whats the solution here?
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    You can associate IPs to networks, that's fairly easy, or you can use a unique URL per network (probably better). Using cookies/javascript you should be able to keep of individual users fairly well, but it's not bulletproof. With javascript and common plugins (like flash) you can fingerprint your users pretty well.

    You're still going to have to rely on manual checks to spot any suspicious activity, any tracking method you use could be circumvented by network owners theoretically..
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