What's the best option for tier 2?


Sep 4, 2021
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I am very interested in this post https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/are-you-still-playing-tier-1-tier-2-like-kids-read-this.664838/ , so I want to try his method

My scheme:
1) Tier 1 - handwritten articles with title with primary key on authority sites. Just example: key 'software for accountants', Title "Best software for accountants"
2) Tier 2 - ???

Which is better to use as Tier 2 in the link pyramid:
1) Posts from freshly registered web 2.0 (using for example RankerX), if this, few questions:
  • is it normal that each web 2.0 will contain 1 post?
  • is it ok if the title contains the main key in the title? or is it better to make it general?
2) Links from profiles with high DA, in which you can place a little text in a couple of sentences or normal text in length (mix) - example https://flickr.com/people/faircompanies/ (link in the main content nofollow, in the website column ********)

Content in both cases is spun / multiplied

Or maybe there are some better alternatives? not very expensive) purchased web 2.0 most likely will not work, because will be spammed by the 3rd tier

What do you think? Or am I doing everything wrong?