What's his secret?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by pollaris75, Apr 24, 2015.

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    I've just found a PPD site for mobiles phones. (fake) But what's the interesting part is he has used somekind of automation software of scraping gsmarena for mobile device names and creating hundreds of duplicate content articles(just changing the mobile phone name in the title and article)

    The site is - cwm-twrp-recovery.org
    enter "site:cwm-twrp-recovery.org" in google and see all the pages are duplicate content

    and what's even more interesting is that he actually ranks for some keywords. ( I wont tell them, you can find out them if you know where to look). I've tried to search for any kind of backlinks that he has, but I found nothing.

    Also the website is using problogger.net elements and javascripts.

    The goo.gl links are getting steady 1.6k views which probably convert and make good cash for such a sh**** site.

    So, maybe someone knows what's his secret or how did he pull this off?
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    Outing sites is not allowed here. Nevertheless, it's probable that he's blocking ahrefs and other link crawlers that's why you can't see his links.
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