what you need to do be successful.. (newbs)

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    what you need to do be successful.. (newbs)

    This is guided towards newbies, because most seniors members on this forum see success daily.

    Reasons why you are failing?
    The reason you are not making a penny, and probably only spending money (domain, hosting, content, proxies, VPS, ETC.) is because you are following guidance that you believe is fool proof. Now when you are new to IM you see make $x,xxx just do this!! Amazons aff sites/clickbank/Instagram CPI.. Now this is great, but odds are you do not have the resources/skills to make most methods work. I respect meathead's money making threads for Newbs, but in the end it's still hard for newbs to make money at some of the Senior members suggested methods.. The reasoning is, newbs want quick money so they fail to put in the work..

    What you should do if you are a Newb?
    - Keep your day job, main stream of income (if you have one)
    - SAVE, SAVE!! (once you find a method that works, you will want to invest
    - Never rely on only one method
    - Sometimes the best methods, are your very own tested ones
    - Pick a method that works for your skill set
    - There is a lot of valuable info here, but in the end. People do NOT share their own secret methods... some methods here are leaving out maybe 1 or 2 key points

    My suggestion/success
    - Find something you are good at, then build a business around it!! Say eBay! I run a pretty well known/successful eBay phone business. In all honesty I am 17 & I've built a business with only $30.. I started buying/selling iPhones around school at 12 or 13.

    What to do, once you find your method?
    - Invest, re-invest!! Then build a business around what you are good at.. I am 17, I live a comfortable life style for the amount of money I've made with Instagram/eBay. At the end of the day, returning customers/clients are where the income is made.

    Where does BHW come into play?
    It does not matter what kind of business/method you are running. BHW will always have valuable information for what you are trying to do. Even when I go months without visiting this forum, I still come back for info on Stealth Paypals and Instagram update information, etc.

    I LOVE YOU GUYS, and the moral of the story.. find something that you love and scale. NEVER GIVE UP, & NEVER STOP GRINDING! We've all hit rock bottom, if anyone ever needs motivation or has questions. Shoot me a PM, I will do my best to help anyone here out.
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    Good advice Op, some of the biggest companies started out small and built on that. I know millionaires that built big companies around one thing they had an interest in, i also know people that jump from one thing to another and wonder why they fail.
    Also i'd like to add is don't be afraid to fail at least once. I think it was Richard Branson ( The billionaire owner of the Virgin Group ) who said " in order to truely succeed you need to fail at least once "
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