What would your next step be?

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    Apr 9, 2011
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    Around a month ago I came up with an idea which could monetize one of my existing niche sites. It's a recurring monthly membership site which provides what I, and many others, believe is a great service to the users. I designed, coded and finished the first stage of the site in 2 days, and by the third day I was already making sales.

    As you can imagine, I was stoked. This proved promising as there was minimal content at this stage yet all the emails I received from my current list of around 200 people were very positive in regards to this project. I also gave away around 50 accounts for free to start building the community and make it appear like there was already interaction on the sites.

    The site is primarily user generated content also, meaning it is minimal work for myself which will allow me to focus on SEO and driving Traffic, as apposed to having to create content consistently.

    In less than a month i've got my site ranking from "not found", to pages 3, 4, 3 and 5 on smaller yet relevant keywords, and page 9 for a highly competitive keyword. After a week and half of the "g" dance they seem to have settled into their positions now. I have just recently ordered a back link service here on BHW so i'm expecting my site to dance a little more over the next few weeks, before, hopefully, ranking higher.

    So this is where I now ask what my next step should be. I currently have around 500 dollars to invest, this could be stretched to 800 if necessary, and with my membership pricing I know I could make this back quite easily within a few months.