What would you tell your linkbuilder to do?

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    I'm getting my blackhat links from the paid services offered on here on blackhat world. But I also want to outsource white hat link building. I want my contractors to build "natural" backlinks from related sites, instead of general links from all over that most blackhat services offer. Quality instead of quantity, instead of something like forum profiles/social bookmarking that Google may eventually figure out how to ignore.

    If you were me, what would you have outside contractors doing to build links?

    My plan:

    For overall SEO:
    1. Find backlinks from major competitors using yahoo's
    linkdomain:thedomain.com -site:thedomain.com
    and get links from the same places where possible.
    2. Find blogs/pages at related sites using scrapebox and put in good comments where possible.
    3. The usual Web 2.0 properties.

    For Google Places:
    1. Have them submit the business to as many local business directories as possible and get citations.
    2. Submit comments on local blogs.
    3. Build citations elsewhere.

    Any suggestions to add to the lists? Thanks!
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    you missed The Header part

    This is Really important while outsourcing any kinda tasks to someone as well as to avoid future head-ache

    include any of the following description

    • I need xxx blog comments on xxx unique blogs.
    • Please send sample with no less than 5 urls to me.
    • Backlink Rules: All Link pages must be PR2+(Page PR Not Domain PR).
    • All Link pages must be No more than 30 Outbound Links.
    • All Link pages must be indexed and cached by google within 40 days.
    • All links should be from different domains.
    • All links should be from different C class IPs.
    • The links must stick and be white hat.
    • If you deliver good service, I'm looking forward to hire you as a part time link builder for at least $xxx a month(depending on the amount of job)

    and of course If you are still not sure whether your Linkbuilder will Know or Do All these Stuffs, Just PM Me. We've Well Trained Virtual Assistants to do Whitehat Linkbuilding!
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    I could have not say that better!

    This is exactly what you need to ask, when you consider hiring an good SEO.