What would you do with my infinite text message account?


Oct 12, 2007
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I've just been offered, well not offered, have found i can have infinite access to a premium text messaging service online. I can send and receive infinite texts, personalise them how i want and have the message appear to be sent from whoever i want.

I was actually given/offered this about 6 months ago, but am too busy with other things to give it a go. I also have done no marketing using mobile phones, so it doesn't really "grab" me.

So, any ideas? Worth a go?
Fairly expected i suppose. Probably should have called the thread how to make $42,983.98 in 7 days, then in the first post put some smiley faces and a link to a Rick Astley video. :)

Seriously, mods, admins and execs excused, is there no people involved in Marketing with Mobile phones here?
I would not market to mobile phones...

You will piss off a lot of people...

Good luck with that.. Try it and you will see.
Well, the trouble is i've never done anything involving mobile phones and there seems to be a quiet buzz about marketing to mobile phones, so wanted to know.

I've just bought a mobile phone marketing course thing and will see what that's got to say because either no one here does it, or it's too lucrative to talk about on an open forum! :)

My gut tells me it's the latter, so if i can make time and/or it looks inviting enough, i'll have to think about starting some mobile subscription thing, because the system i have access to is pretty incredible, i'm just not sure i want to diversify in that direction.
Too Lucrative... That's funny..

Don't do it.. Don't believe me? Before you think any more on this idea...

Ask 20 people you know (adults) if you send them one text a day on their cell asking if they would like to buy something what would they think about that??

Then ask if they got 50 a day, once this idea takes off??
It's not that i don't believe you, but think of it like pop-ups. 90% of people hate them, yet they're still extremely profitable. I also don't do my market research by asking friends and family what they think of something. Certainly none of them would by Acai, slimming patches, Credit Reports, etc, etc, so if i did care about what they thought, i'd be working in a call centre somewhere! :)

I hate text spam, you hate text spam, everyone i know hates text spam, but who's to say optin targeted advertising doesn't work? I certainly don't have a plan which involves randomly texting people everyday.

I want to target people correctly and legitimately, and not on a regular basis. Regardless it's something i've never done, so first of all need to learn about what exactly i would need to do.

There's also the fact that i will try for myself at some point anyway. I mean, no disrepect to you, but everyone has a different opinion. All marketing works on some level and there's clearly a level somewhere in Mobile Phones. I just need to dive in, have a go and find out if that level is worth my while.

Like you say it may well be a complete and utter waste of time, but it'd be silly to not at least do some learning and have a go. Afterall, the text service i have will be without cost, so it's not as though i'm going to be losing money.
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I just started a thread in this section, the idea being to build a list of consumers who want to receive coupons from local merchants via SMS. If you could build a decent sized list for a geographical area, I think you could make very good money signing up local businesses as advertisers - either on a monthly, weekly or per message basis.

Here is a link to the thread...

Your link doesn't work, i don't know whether a mod or yourself has removed it, but i can't fin it either.
Here you go-

SMS Marketing is just taking off in the U.S. and it can be lucrative if sold to local businesses. For example, here in Wilmington, NC, only 1 restaurant (as far as I know) is making use of sms marketing and I have done a lot of research on this subject in the last 2 months. I have spoken to almost all the sms service providers out there and there is definitely potential to make money only if you have a white lable or a private label program. Like email marketing, businesses will see more and more success as their list grows. Send me a message as I would love to brainstorm some ideas on how you can utilize this tool.
Yes, SMS does work but as mentioned should be highly targeted. I use it in conjunction with websites I create for my clients. Instead of sending them hundreds of text messages (remember a lot of people are still paying for receiving text messages) we send them two a week to visit a website where they can find special offers specifically for them.

In other words we don't send out acai coupons to skinny people or bikini ads out to women 65 and older.

We also make sure they opt-in giving us permission to text them. This way there's no complaints and they can also easily opt-out. Works just like an auto responder.

HINT: Website should be cell phone friendly. :D
Since we are talking Mobile let talk about the future also. I posted this in another thread thought it might trigger some grey matter into action.

Yes there is and its much better than what you asked for in your post.

MobileText Marketing is about to Explode onto the worlds 4.6 Billion mobile phones, compare that to 1.7 billion internet accounts and you can quickly see where the next BIG trend will be.

The world is moving to mobile phones, the new generation of Mobile Phones offer far more than just calling, they now have Text and emailing, plus video viewing, internet access and more.

Over 90% of all text messages get seen, compare that to emails less than 5% and 90% of emails are spam.

75% of mobile phone users admit they cannot live without their phone.
More than 95% of teenagers wouldn't be seen dead without one.

It is the No1 personal electronic accessory.

Huge money was made in the early Boom time days of,
Online video,
Online shopping
Social media,

Everything above will fail in comparison to whats about to happen when mobile phones start to do most everything that can be done via the internet and more.

More and more Twitter and Facebook users access their accounts
through their mobile instead of a desktop or laptop computers.

1.8 Billion people with access to the internet just became small
compared to the 4.6 Billion Mobile users and lets not forget that these 4.6 Billion phones are being constantly carried around in someone's pocket or purse and not sitting on a desk somewhere.

Commercialism via mobile phones is about to EXPLODE just ask Pizza hut and Domino's who revenue's Exploded when they introduced the mobile phone apps.

There's more to come but the question is how do we as individuals cut ourselves in on a piece of the actions and make Bank ?

Remember this, the money is where the most eyeballs are and there are 3 x as many eyes directly fixed at mobiles everyday than anything else currently..

Mobile Text Marketing / Direct response mobile marketing is coming.

Just look at what American Idol achieved with text messaging.

Add to that the new coupon marketing, 2D barcodes and special offer codes.
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