What would you do next? (indexing, ranking)

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by dzemo, Mar 25, 2011.

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    I read a lot about backlinks and stuff (web 2.0. social bookmarkings, blog commenting, etc.). But I'm kinda confused, because of too much info. :/

    I have done the following:

    1. keyword research: I picked up 6 low competition keywords (3000 exact searches/month)

    2. I bought 6 exact keyword domains for each of them

    3. installed Wordpress to each domain, wrote 2 SEO exact keyword rich articles for each keyword

    Now, my question is, have I done right so far? And what do you advise me to do next, to get these 6 webpages indexed and ranked (i want to climb to #1 on google) as soon as possible. I understand I need to build many backlinks, but I ask what would you do, because I'm kinda noob atm.

    Thanks a lot, for all the answers. Btw, I also like to thank BHW, a lot of great info here.
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    There is no secret:

    1:Keyword research
    2:Site build
    3:Content development
    4:Link building

    Now the critical factor that you are missing is Backlinks,i recommend to you read as more as you can about Article Directories,Profile links,Blog comment,Bookmarks,Directories take a look on the Tools avaliable like senuke,magic subimitter,sick subimitter,xrumer,article marketing robot,bookmarking demon etc...

    And dont forget that the more content you have more visits also..

    When you start to do backlinks you should see movements on 3-15 days if not it means that your backlinks are weak.