What Web design trends characterize 2015?

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    SEO remains a core focus of website owners in 2015, but practical considerations like improving search rankings aren't the only motivational factor that goes into a site redesign. Aesthetics may not seem as important as boosting searchability, but users' impressions of and experiences with a site can have a major effect on how they feel about a brand and whether they'll make future visits.

    In a recent article for The Next Web, contributor Anna-Feliza Sy highlighted the trend of "getting back to the basics" in Web design. She listed a few specific site elements that do just that, including:

    • Full-screen video: HTML5 is ushering in improved integration abilities that allow designers to fill entire pages with video.
    • Increased interactivity: Options scroll across the screen rather than remaining static, buttons flash and pages turn with an animated flourish, bolstering site sophistication and audience engagement.
    • Transparent buttons and thin lines: These minimize image interruption, draw attention away from text and allow for a more cohesive visual experience.

    Keeping up with Web design trends is a good way to position a brand as being on the cutting edge. That said, sites must be customer-friendly above all else, asserted Kevin Gallagher, founder of inbound marketing company Stargazer Digital, in a recent blog post.

    Gallagher explained that a customer-centric site should display an understanding of the challenges facing prospective buyers, answer frequently asked questions, be easily navigable and ultimately present the brand's products and services as a viable solution to the customer's issue.

    "Of course, your website should still be visually appealing, but if you don't make it about your customers, all that hard work could go to waste," Gallagher wrote.

    What Web design trends have you picked up on lately? Do they enhance or detract from the user experience?
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    Single page design(taking the user on a journey), new colors & minimalism are the main things I think.
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    Colors, etc are important but I think a lot of designers are finally learning the difference between something that looks pretty and something with good UX. I think going forward we will see websites with much better usability.